Will The Soundtrack To “Stranger Things” Be As Popular As The Show Itself?

Have you binge-watched your way through “Stranger Things” yet?

Yeah, me too.

The Netflix original series that turned out to be this summer’s biggest television hit, watches like “X files,” “E.T.,” and “The Goonies” had a love child. Part of what drives the nostalgic atmosphere is a synth-heavy score dreamed up by two members of the band Survive (stylized S U R V I V E), Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein. Since the show dropped in mid-July, the band too has seen their numbers climbing.

The Austin band has a fairly limited social presence, but fans will seek them out where they are. On Facebook, they now count about 22,000 page likes. Close to 18,000 of those came in the last year, 11,000 in the last month alone. For context, this time last year they had added about 800 page likes, and only collected about 1,000 in total across all of 2015. It’s pretty clear that the impact is driven by the popularity of the show.

They are seeing a lift also on Pandora. Station adds for the band are up 14,600% this month compared to the month prior, and 260% for individual tracks. 18,000 spins this week is a lift of 335% and brings their total to more than 70,000. However, neither of their most popular tracks are actually off the Stranger Things soundtrack. “A.H.B.” is actually a free stream off their upcoming album, and the biggest lift this week at 2,500% is for “Omniverse,” off the album MNQ026. But the audience doesn’t seem to mind, with spins resulting in a 250% increase in thumbs up.

The band S U R V I V E, behind the “Stranger Things” score, has seen a significant increase in online activity from fans since the release of the series. Graphic courtesy of Next Big Sound.

Perhaps unsurprisingly the band is still spinning the most at home in Austin, but are seeing some traction also in LA and Chicago, and in general are getting a bunch of play all along the Pacific Northwest this month.

This isn’t the first example in recent memory of a series soundtrack taking on a life of its own. The announcement of the Game Of Thrones immersive soundtrack tour from composer Ramin Djawadi that will take place in 2017, set off a flurry of press and excitement, and tickets at venues like Madison Square Garden are going for $150 a piece, and closer to $500 for VIP experience packages.

The full soundtrack for “Stranger Things” is dropping in two volumes, with the first installment out on digital this past Friday, and the next scheduled to release on August 19. The timing also seems auspicious for the band’s latest album, RR7349, to hit stands on September 30, though it is available for preorder on Bandcamp now.

Just promise me that if you give it a listen, you’re turning it up to eleven.

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