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The State Of The Industry: 2013

Jan 22 2014

Looking at the online music industry data for 2013 in aggregate across sources ranging from the major social networks, streaming services, sales figures, and key events for more than a million artists, we reveal an industry that is decidedly lopsided.

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Looking for Opportunities in Data and Music?

Oct 25 2013

As always, we at Next Big Sound encourage you to join us at the intersection of data and music – a very exciting space to work in, and one that is constantly evolving. And there are plenty of opportunities out there, here are just a few. 

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Looking For Work in Data and Music?

Jul 02 2013

Are you a music enthusiastic? Do you share our passion for data? Then take a look at some of the opportunities that are out there right now for anyone who finds themselves interested in working at the intersection of numbers and notes. 

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