Here at Next Big Sound, we think data is of the utmost importance to artists in navigating the modern music industry. As such we are proud to announce that we have teamed up with premier music streaming service Spotify in order to help provide data, insight and context to 400k+ artists and their management. For the very first time, artists and managers will have free and direct access to their Spotify listening data, exclusively through the Next Big Sound platform.

You will now be able to see how much your music is being listened to over time, your most popular tracks, as well as extensive demographic information about your fans, such as age, gender, and location. Put this in context with other information about your online activity, to help make more informed decisions about your career and strategies as an artist. 

Starting today, artists and managers will be able to register for access, and requests will be vetted and approved on an individual basis over the coming weeks. The length of the verification process will depend on the volume of requests. We are committed to maintaining the privacy of this highly valuable data; only users with an authorized and direct relationship to the artist in question will be granted access. 

Registration is now available at Provided you do not already have an account with Next Big Sound, you will be asked to create one, free of charge, prior to requesting approval. You will immediately be able to view the other public metrics available for your artists through the platform, including Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia and more. 

This partnership is part of our ongoing quest to make data useful, and facilitate increased transparency for the entire music industry, from individual artists to the biggest labels in the world.