And Miley does it again

Following her tasteless performance at the VMAs last night, the world is collectively throwing their arms in the air, denouncing the twerk and the tongue, indignant about her indecency. Shock! Horror! But how much do you want to bet you already googled her, sometime between 9 pm EST Sunday and your first cup of coffee. You might even say she stole the show. 

Not only is Cyrus topping the Google hot searches chart by a mile Monday morning - 5 million+ searches is ten-fold that of runner-up and stage partner Robin Thicke - but her numbers are up across the board. Her Instagram snapshots leading up to the show attracted more than 2 million likes, and close to 100,000 new followers in a day. 50,000 new Facebook page likes is 20,000 more than the day before, and her handle was mentioned more than 200,000 times on Twitter over the course of the weekend. 


"We Can’t Stop" continues to feature on several Billboard charts, including the Hot 100, and while Cyrus didn’t take home any awards last night, she is certainly creating a stir in the run-up to her album drop. 

Other names of note last night  - the man himself - Justin Timberlake, who not only took home the Video of the Year Award for Mirrors as well as the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard award for his body of work, but also participated in the much-anticipated reunion of N’Sync. Timberlake, who now totals north of 25 million Facebook page likes, raked in another 122,000 on Sunday, close to 5 times what he saw the day before. He also saw his number of new Twitter followers triple, adding about 150,000 to the fold.

To put all this into context, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, who took home not only the award for Best Hip Hop Video, but perhaps more importantly Best Video With A Social message for “Same Love,” gave a dignified and endearing acceptance speech, but didn’t see anywhere near the same kind of return on social media as Cyrus, close to 15,000 new Facebook page likes is only a very slight increase from the day before. Macklemore did attract more than 30,000 new Twitter followers around the event, more than half of his total for the week, but little in the way of mentions. It seems keeping it classy doesn’t get the crowd going in quite the same way. 


So while all the attention may not have translated to a Moon Man for Cyrus this time around, let’s see what it does for her sales when Bangerz is released. An educated guess says she’ll do just fine. 

Liv Buli is the resident data journalist for music analytics company Next Big Sound. Buli is a graduate of New York University’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute and her work has appeared in Newsweek Daily Beast, Forbes, Billboard, Hypebot and more.