This week’s Next Big Sound chart is chock-full of talented young women on a rapid rise to the top, all within different genres. 

Singer-songwriter Jillette Johnson is set to drop her debut album Water in a Whale this summer, which will include the five tracks off of her previously released EP Whiskey & Frosting. Johnson, a talented pianist whose fan base predominantly consists of young females, saw a massive lift in her online numbers once the deeply emotional video for "Pauvre Coeur" went live on VEVO.

She saw close to 20,000 views in the two weeks following release, an increase of 4379 percent compared to the fortnight before. In that same time, she saw a boost in awareness with her Wikipedia page views spiking by more than 130 percent, as well as growth in the number of fans she is reaching. Her number of new Twitter followers went up by 91 percent, bringing her total above 4500. Johnson, who is based out of New York, signed with Wind-up Records in 2012, and also works as a songwriter with BMI. 


Also appearing on the chart this week is Valerie June, whose sound is aptly described as “organic moonshine roots music” - a mix of blues, folk, gospel and more. June, who has previously recorded a collaboration with bluegrass veterans Old Crow Medicine Show, and may have gotten a leg up due to her performance with Eric Church at the ACM awards, has seen an increase across the board in the past two weeks. 

Her number of new Twitter followers is up by more than 260 percent, she saw close 3,500 plays on SoundCloud, and added another 665 new page likes on Facebook bringing her total closer to 8000. According to the demographics of her Twitter mentions, more than 60 percent of her fan base is located in the UK and France, and her upcoming album Pushing Against A Stone will be released in Europe in early May. It won’t make its way across the pond until the end of summer, though two singles, “Workin’ Woman Blues,” and “You Can’t Be Told” are available for streaming on her SoundCloud profile. 


The video for Kat Dahlia’s gritty track "Gangsta" has already garnered more than 2.5 million views on VEVO, half a million of which came in the last week alone. Miami-native Dahlia has been writing songs since she was 15, made the move to New York at 18 to focus on her music career, waited tables to afford expensive studio time, and is finally starting to see all the hard work pay off. 

Her fan base is rapidly blowing up. With more than 4000 new Twitter followers in a week her total has now reached more than 20,000. She reached the same benchmark on Facebook a few weeks ago, and 6000 new followers on Instagram is more than a 500 percent increase from what she gained the week before. 


Looks as though it is going to be a summer full of up-and-coming talented females making a lot of noise, with new albums, tours and more. Stay tuned to our weekly Next Big Sound chart to find out who else to look out for. 

Liv Buli is the resident data journalist for music analytics company Next Big Sound. Buli is a graduate of New York University’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute and her work has appeared in Newsweek Daily Beast, The New York Times Local East Village, Hypebot and more.