January was a busy month for the team at Next Big Sound. Artist overviews now include top tracks, top cities, added context, and more. 

  • Top Tracks: View top tracks by network. Choose from SoundCloud, YouTube, iTunes and more. 
  • Top Locations: View top cities by network. Choose from Twitter Mentions, Soundcloud Followers, iTunes Track units, and more. 
  • Date Selector: Artist overview have previously been fixed to the past week. Now you can choose from 7, 30, or 90 day preset options, or a custom range. 
  • Events: New songs, posts to Twitter and Facebook, and many other event types now given added context via sparklines. These allow you to easily see relevant metrics alongside an artist’s events. 

Click on any artist photo to view their overview. Access reports, which previously served as the dashboard, by clicking the new tab to the right of artists.