Carousel is an up-and-coming electro-indie duo, comprised of Jackson Phillips and Kevin Friedman. The boys recently released their sophomore EP, are establishing their presence on the concert circuit, and are simultaneously working towards building their brand through social media. In order to track their analytics they employ Next Big Sound. 

What problems did you face?

How to establish your social media presence, where exactly to place your social focus, and what strategies are working to your advantage, are questions that arise nowadays for any band or artist on the rise. 

How does Next Big Sound help you answer these questions?

As a growing band they enlisted Next Big Sound to make sure they were connecting with people in the ways they wanted. Comparing metrics in the platform they can see which updates are engaging fans and which aren’t. In the case of Carousel, they see most of their fan interaction on Facebook and try to start conversations and engage with their fans here. 


The pair also finds it advantageous to compare their metrics to other bands of a similar size and genre. 

“There is so much music online and it is so saturated – so many up and coming bands – that it is really good to gauge your own statistics against these bands,” said Friedman. “We see what works for them, where they’re getting the most attention on specific sites, and we’ll either try to imitate or recreate for ourselves and cater it to our fans, maybe in a different way.”


For Carousel the site simply makes life easier. “Seeing what you are doing and which device is working on each social media platform and having Next Big Sound’s platform lay it out just so you don’t have to skip to each site, it gives it to you on one page.”