Katie Rentfro is co-owner and partner of Magnolia Red, a small artist management, production, and publishing agency based outside of Houston, Texas. She tells Next Big Sound about why data matters and how it can be useful.

What problems did you face? 

The world of social media can be overwhelming for independent artists, and helping the artists on our roster manage and understand their social media data is a top priority at Magnolia Red. Before using Next Big Sound, I used to spend a lot of time manually entering this data in to excel spreadsheets.

How did you use Next Big Sound to solve those problems? 

Next Big Sound eliminated the need for manual data entry, so I can now do my job faster and better, and devote more time to my artists. By looking at the response in data to ticket giveaways or fan competitions, I can determine what works best and tailor marketing campaigns accordingly.

For instance, before an album release, I can preview songs on the various social websites and use Next Big Sound to see which ones gained the most traction. This will inform my next step, choosing which track the artist will record a live video for, or even determine the first single.

In addition to this, by tracking all of the various metrics side by side, my team and I are able to determine which sites get the most attention, and it helps us focus our social media efforts where it matters most.

My partners and I have also established My New Release, an artist administration service, which provides short-term aid to independent acts when they are releasing an album and helps artists establish their social media presence. An important part of this is ensuring that every artist is set up with a Next Big Sound account. 

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