'Tis the season for spooky soundtracks.

What has everyone been listening to this Halloween? A look at the biggest boosts in Pandora fans, relative to an artist’s average over the previous month, certainly makes for an interesting bunch. 


Perhaps not surprising is a spike for Hollywood Undead, the California-bred hip-hop/rap/metalcore band with few songs that fall outside the “explicit” category, who attracted more than 3000 new fans on the online listening service on October 31st.

Another less-than-shocking Halloween hit is the King of Goth Marilyn Manson, the man behind This is Halloween from the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack. Manson, who typically sees new Pandora fans in the range of 1200-1700 on a daily basis, jumped to 2,300 new fans on Wednesday, and back down the following. Also his Wikipedia views saw a rise, despite no events that were obviously correlated. 

Also the Misfits, who were forced to cancel several Halloween-themed concerts due to Hurricane Sandy, and are self-described as “punk rock’s monster squad,” like Manson saw a boost in not only their Wikipedia page views, but also an out-of-the-ordinary number of new Pandora fans on the holiday. 


New York’s indie art rock threesome the Yeah Yeah Yeahs also attracted an inordinate number of new Pandora fans on the holiday, but again this not a shocking phenomenon. The band is currently touring Australia and their Halloween-playlist-staple Heads will Roll, still appears on iTunes charts of Top Songs in countries such as France and Luxembourg, several years after release.  

Of the more mysterious appearances on this list is Irish songstress Enya. While the celtic vocal-synth combination of her sound might well add an erie aura to certain sections of the more intricate haunted houses, she is not the first to come to mind for a holiday hit. However her number of new fans jump significantly by about 60 percent from the day before Halloween, and back down on November 1st. 

Who doesn’t love some tailored tracks for trick-or-treaters, so be sure to keep these artists in mind when putting next year’s playlist. 

Photo Credit: Alec Zopf

Liv Buli is the resident data journalist for music analytics company Next Big Sound. Buli is a graduate of New York University’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute and her work has appeared in Newsweek Daily Beast, The New York Times Local East Village, Westchester Magazine and more.