A little more than a month ago we launched the new Next Big Sound. As part of our ongoing mission to make data useful, today we’re happy to announce six new features:  

  1. XLS exports automate what was once a lot of manual work. 
  2. Artist ranking provide improved context around the popularity of artists in a familiar format: charts. 
  3. Benchmarks provide additional context around how an artist is performing.
  4. Artist lists help our customers working with a lot of artists stay organized. 
  5. Alert Reports to know when artists are spiking. 
  6. Goals are a new way of tracking progress. 

XLS Exports

In addition to PDF exports, XLS exports are now available in Next Big Sound. Download a multi-artist export from the reports dashboard, or an artist specific export from the Overview, Graphs, Geo, or Tracks section. XLS exports are formatted to print for meetings, and serve as an excellent basis for deeper analysis.

XLS Exports are available for upgraded artists from the top right red bar under the exports menu from the reports dashboard and any artist page. 

Artist Ranking

We’ve taken the hundreds of thousands of artists that Next Big Sound tracks and ranked them by metric. Use ranking reports to see a weekly list of the top artists for any metric, their change from the previous week, and their market share for that metric. We’ve also added ranks for each metric to the artist overview page. Search for an artist in the header and check out the rank section of their overview to see where they stack up on each metric. 

Ranking reports are available to enterprise customers. Artist ranks on the overview page are available for upgraded artists. 


Benchmarks provide customizable context by showing an aggregate percentage change value for each metric. Compare benchmark percentage change values to individual artist percentage change values to see if they’re doing better or worse than the network at large. With the recent updates to benchmarks, you can now choose from top artists, genre lists, or custom artist lists that compose the benchmark.

Benchmarks are available for upgraded artists in the artist graphs section. 

Artist Lists

Artist lists are for people that manage multiple groups of artists. Use artists lists to create custom benchmarks or to create lists of artists to rapidly generate reports. 

Artist lists are available for upgraded artists from the benchmarks menu. 

Alert Reports

Alert reports show alerts for artists when they’re activity goes outside of expected bounds. Use alert reports to spot unusual activity and spikes to investigate. Alert reports are available to enterprise customers. 


Set a goal value and deadline for any metric to measure progress against what you are trying to achieve.

Goals are available to all upgraded artists.